Collaborating with

Multiple Team

We work together when communication projects need to include an artistic touch or programming wisdom. This way we become a multidisciplinary team able to innovate.

Vicky Director, strategic communication and public relations

She is entirely about communication, she relates, shapes, plans and implements it. Verbal, non-verbal, visual, acoustic and interpersonal communication. She is the kinesthetic and linguistic intelligence of projects, agile and word smart.



Raúl Graphic Designer, visual thinker and illustrator

His three-dimensional thinking makes everything to come to life. Sensitive to colour, outline, shape, space and typography. He is the visual-spatial and musical intelligence of projects when creating impeccable and distinctive images with perfect tempo.

More about Raul’s work here

Javigaar lIlustrator, visual thinker and programmer

He illustrates ideas to create visual stories and interaction between images and words, drawings, design, and psychology applied to visual communication, and he is a web programmer. He is the visual-spatial and logical-mathematical intelligence of projects when solving the puzzling and abstract science of programming.

More about Javigaar’s work here