What we do


We develop communication strategies for companies and organizations of the education and training sector, especially those that create new projects, innovative solutions, and initiatives in education, so that they are able to reach their targets. These are companies that work based on an innovative approach to boost the development of 21st century competencies and multiple intelligences for both children and adults.

Communication only for the education sector



Our commitment to education is transformed in communication to help you to reach your target. We will promote new models and tools that embrace diversity and foster human talent. We support innovative education to ensure multiple ways of learning are spread everywhere. We are passionate about a new educational landscape in which emotions open a new approach in learning processes.

Emotion in learning is long-lasting learning

How we do it


We have learnt that by combining the multiple aspects of communication, and by doing so with emotion, projects become more attractive. Communication is an essential learning element and a basic competence of people and organizations. Let your public learn who you are, what you do and how you do it. It is company strategy and a management tool.

Emotion in communication is effective communication


Multiple talents
Projects are successful when talents are united and there is strong teamwork. We all count.

Multiple communication
Communication is flexible and versatile, a skill that can be used in multiple ways.