Let’s spread your message

We are going to work together on your communication to interact with the educational community and other stakeholders of your interest. We will promote your solutions in education and also the pedagogical and technical quality of your projects.

The role of “Múltiple” is using communication as a strategic tool to promote diverse innovative educational projects because we all learn in different ways.

  • Corporate Communication Identity, image and branding

    Who are you? Identity, image and behaviour build the message for who you are, what you do and how you do it. It is your personality.

  • External and Internal Communication Multiple actions

    The strategy and a creative combination of different communication tools will be implemented according to a pre-defined calendar.

  • Public Relations Interacting with the educational community

    The action of communication allows you to project your image, share your knowledge, show what you offer, build your reputation, credibility and trust from your public. On-line, off-line and via events.

  • Visual and sensory communication Sight and sound

    Graphic design, graphic narrative, illustration, animation, infographics, photography, video and music. Our senses are the main entrance of information to our brain, both for the learning process and for decision making.

  • Presentations From initial idea to final message

    Design and storytelling turn your idea into a message. Stories have the ability to stimulate several areas of the brain that are involved in generating a memory.

  • Writing and content edition For dissemination and education

    Writing clearly and editing content is simultaneously difficult and fascinating. Each communication piece has its own objective and public.

  • On-line communication Train your ON mode

    Boosting and looking after your online presence. First of all your website, after that we plan your social media, blog and digital publications. We will reach your target audience by providing solutions and interesting information.